Kids for Cops

Kids for Cops promotes positive relationships between youths and law enforcement through education and activities throughout the communities in Montgomery County, TX. The goal is for youth to grow up to be productive individuals in the community and to continue to create these positive relationships between their communities and law enforcement. 

"Children are one of the most at-risk groups there is when it comes to crimes committed against people. Whether they witness or experience violence, it has a lasting effect on them. If their interaction with the police under these traumatic circumstances is not positive, they run the risk of developing a lifelong distrust of the police. Interaction with law enforcement in these safe environments often serves as a beginning to developing this lasting trust and relationship." 

Become a Kids for Cops Member

Sign your child up to become a Kids for Cops Member! Kids for Cops meets at different locations throughout Montgomery County, TX. Members will receive a birthday card from an Officer during the month of their birthday, be invited to be a part of our Police Rally ceremonies and other various events.

 To sign your child up to become a member, please visit

Kids for Cops Member Application

Please check out Events page to see our upcoming Kids for Cops monthly events!

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Youth can submit a poem till August 1st 2019 and your child could win! 

One poem will be chosen and published in 300 programs at the Inaugural Law Enforcement Appreciation Banquet held on September 22nd 2018 and on our website! Winner will also receive a Kids for Cops gift basket with goodies! 

Submit your poem  or email poem to

Poetry Contest Guidelines:

1. A poem in its entirety must be an original work by the person entering the contest and must include positive wording about law enforcement Officers in our communities

2. Poet must be between the ages of 5 - 17 years 

3.  Poems can be submitted on the website or via email at

4. Winner will need to hand write their poem for publishing

5. The deadline for poem submission is August 1st 2019